Marshall's Nursery

Shelly has been working very hard on Marshall's nursery and it looks absolutely amazing. There are still a few pieces she wants to add, but we are very pleased with the way it turned out. Now we just wait 'til he actually sleeps there.

Marshall Dunham Summers

ATTENTION: The Summers Family is please to announce an addition to the family. Marshall Dunham Summers was born on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 7:39pm at Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, Indiana. He weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz and was 19 inches long. Shelly and Marshall are doing well, though Marshall is dealing with a little bit of jaundice. Please enjoy the pictures!

We've moved in!!!

Yes, we have officially moved into our new house. We packed up the old apartment, closed on the new house, and moved into the new house last Friday, June 17th. Everything seemed fine until after we closed. It was 2 days of pure chaos after that. It's finally settled down now and we love being in our new home. We have to water the sod like crazy, so we have very much enjoyed the rain we have had. Ashton doesn't know what to do with all of the space except run, run, and run some more. We'll try to post a video of the final project once we get the decor finished. Feel free to come visit, we would love to see you!

Gettin' close...

We were so excited to see the progress of our house when we returned from our trip. The builder has actually told us that we can close on Friday, June 17th, which is only 2 weeks away. CRAZY!!! The cabinets and granite are in, the tile is done, the trim and 1st coat of paint are up, the patio, driveway, sidewalk, and garage floor are poured. The sod and landscaping is supposed to be done next week as well as the light fixtures, sinks and more of the small stuff. We are so EXCITED!!!

Bonjour...Ya sas

Bonjour is how to say "hello" in French, the language of most people in Morocco and Ya sas is "hello" in Greek, of course what they speak in Greece. Shelly and I just returned from 1 1/2 weeks of an incredible trip to Casablanca, Morocco and Athens, Greece. Ashton stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Summers while we were gone and had a blast with them. Enjoy some pictures from the trip.

Insulation and some brick!

They almost have all of the brick up and they sprayed in the insulation yesterday. They should finish the brick and stone today and the drywall arrives today as well. The builder said that the drywall should be done by this weekend. If they get it finished, we'll post updated pics.